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  1. The topics of the special issue expand on the topics of the Ontology Summit 2014 to include: The role that ontologies play (or can play) in Linked Data, Big Data and Semantic Web Applications. Engineering of ontologies to address integration and domain-specific modeling concerns
  2. Most of the Linked Data is generated auto- matically by converting existing structured data sources (typically relational databases) into RDF, using an ontology that closely matches the original data source
  3. g to learn all the ontologies manually and it is difficult to learn the properties important for describing instances of a specific class
  4. Linked Data is a principled approach to structured data representation that manifests as a Web of Data. Why is Linked Data Important? Linked Data enables transparent access to data, courtesy of the..

Databases indicated as circles (with wikidata indicated as 'WD'), with grey lines linking databases in the network if their data is aligned. In computing, linked data (often capitalized as Linked Data) is structured data which is interlinked with other data so it becomes more useful through semantic queries Linked data sets make use of ontologies to describe the semantics of their data. Ontologies may be large and underspeci ed. At the time of writing DB- pedia uses 685 concepts and 2795 properties while the domain and range is not speci ed for 259 and 187 properties respectively. Finally, the ontology does not tell how frequently a certain modelling pattern occurs in a data set. The above. As an evolving extension to the current hypertext document Web, Linked Data is a new paradigm where data are published and interconnected on the Web using open standards such as URIs, HTTP, RDF, OWL, SPARQL etc. This enables data from heterogeneous sources to be shared, integrated and queried in a Web of Data OWL 2 is the Web Ontology Language designed to facilitate ontology development and sharing via the Web. It provides classes, properties, individuals, and data values that are stored as Semantic Web documents. As an RDF vocabulary, OWL can be used in combination with RDF schema

Data ontology has the potential to dramatically accelerate machine learning algorithms by introducing pre-defined concepts. An ML algorithm linked to SNOMED data might infer that because a common cold affects the upper respiratory tract structure. This is a lot for a machine to deduce without any supervised learning Die miteinander verknüpften Daten ergeben ein weltweites Netz, das auch als Linked [Open] Data Cloud oder Giant Global Graph bezeichnet wird. Dort wo der Schwerpunkt weniger auf der freien Nutzbarkeit der Daten wie bei freien Inhalten liegt (Open Data), ist auch die Bezeichnung Linked Data üblich YAMATO, Yet Another More Advanced Top-level Ontology; The W3C Linking Open Data community project coordinates attempts to converge different ontologies into worldwide Semantic Web. Libraries. The development of ontologies has led to the emergence of services providing lists or directories of ontologies called ontology libraries A system to automate part of the collaborative ontology development process. Given a repository with an owl file, OnToology will survey it and produce diagrams, a complete documentation and validation based on common pitfalls. OnToology can handle OWL and RDFS vocabularies in RDF+XML and Turtle serialization. How to use i 12 July 6, 2011 2011 STI Semantic Summit - Linked Data & Ontologies Linked Data for Ontologies ! When building and consuming ontologies use of Linked Data sources would provide benefits ! Building: ! Inductive, incremental approach to ontology engineering ! Less manual modeling effort needed: use Linked Data as sourc

  1. Linked Data is an increasingly important source of information and contextual knowledge in Data Science, and its appropriate visualization is key to effectively exploit them. This work presents an ontology to generate graph-based visualizations of Linked Data in a flexible and efficient way
  2. The data can be imported into a common RDF model, eg, by using converters to the publishers' databases. However, one database may use the term author, whereas the other may use the term creator. To make the integration complete, and extra definition should be added to the RDF data, describing the fact that the relationship described as author is the same as creator. This extra piece of information is, in fact, a vocabulary (or an ontology), albeit an extremely.
  3. 3 Ontology Alignment Using Linked Data An Ontology Alignment is a set of correspondences between two or more ontologies, where a correspondenceis the relation holding, or supposed to hold according to a par-ticular matching algorithm or individual, between entities of different ontologies [11]. Entities here, can be classes, individuals, properties, or formulas. Our alignment.
  4. By describing entity and entity relationship types using sentences that are deployed using Linked Data principles. This approach is both flexible and progressive in that your Knowledge Graph is an evolving projection of enterprise reflection and potential agility
  5. the terms used in Linked Data and Web architecture using a lightweight formal ontology in OWL-DL, which we call IRW, for 'Identity of Resources on the Web.' The hope is this ontology will clarify these debates and allow further de-velopment of a provenance-aware and semantically veri ed Linked Data Web
  6. Linked data puts ontology engineering in a new context upon which we reflect in this article. We will focus on two main dimensions to explain this evolution: (1) the types of ontologies that are being created, published and used and (2) the types of ontology engineering skills that are being exploited. Types of Ontologies in the Era of Linked Data: From Lightweight to Frankenstein Two main.

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LinkedGeoData is an effort to add a spatial dimension to the Web of Data / Semantic Web. LinkedGeoData uses the information collected by the OpenStreetMap project and makes it available as an RDF knowledge base according to the Linked Data principles. It interlinks this data with other knowledge bases in the Linking Open Data initiative Figure 5.49 - Linked sensor data example: representation of a weather station using SSN ontology. Provenance tracking in the Linked Sensor Data cloud. The development of the SSN Ontology, its alignment with DUL and its use in conjunction with external ontologies will foster new opportunities to link sensor data to other resources of the LOD cloud like DbPedia Linked Open Vocabularies. (LOV) 749 Vocabularies in LOV. dcterms - reused by 642 vocabs. dcterms. dce - reused by 440 vocabs. dce. foaf - reused by 410 vocabs. foaf The CMS ontology provides the Linked Data Platform customers with pointers to additional information about a thing in other systems. Core Concepts Ontology. The generic BBC ontology for people. Data sets are published according to the Linked Data principles and also provide links to other data resources [4]. However, no standard ontology fits all data sets, and so the many kinds of ontologies can cause the ontol-ogy heterogeneity problem. The research in [10] catego-rized the ontology heterogeneity problem into four dif

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Linked COVID-19 Data. The Linked COVID-19 Data Transformer transforms data from the JHU, ECDC and RKI interfaces into RDF. The Dashboards are created using HIGHCHARTS querying a prototypical/demo SPARQL endpoint. The official data and python script is available on Zenodo: py script: DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3763504. Ontology: DOI 10.5281/zenodo.375782 Linked Data is a hotbed for instance-based schema alignment, which is considered a better solution for aligning classes with ambiguous or obscure names. This study proposes an instance-based schema alignment algorithm, IUT, which builds a unified taxonomy to discover subsumption and equivalence relations between two classes The World Wide Web Consortium Linked Building Data Community Group (W3C LBD-CG) hypothesises that the Linked Data models and best practices can be leveraged to achieve this vision in modern web-based applications. In this paper, we introduce the Building Topology Ontology (BOT) as a core vocabulary to this approach

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24 Use of ontologies, but not Linked Data C (USA) R2 (EU) R3 (EU) Ontology Education level C_EDUC: 7 levels Edlevel: 9 levels Isced: 7 levels Onto:1234 Marital status C_MARSTAT: never, now, separated, divorced, divorced Maristat: single, married, partnership, divorced, widowed Maristat: single, married, partnership, divorced, widowed Onto:2345 Age/date of birth Age at baseline in years Exact. Linked data is a standard way to represent data on a wide range of topics. Publishing linked data makes it easier for developers to connect information from different sources, resulting in new and innovative applications

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An academic domain ontology populated using IIT Bombay organization corpus, web and the linked open data. Usage: Information Extraction, Information Retrieval Availability:... Usage: Information Extraction, Information Retrieval Availability:.. Consuming linked data is a challenging task because each data set in the LOD cloud has specific ontology schema, and familiarity with ontology schema is required in order to query various linked data sets. However, manually checking each data set is time-consuming, especially when many data sets from various domains are used. This difficulty can be overcome without user interaction by using an.

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  1. Linked Data utilities - FOAF began as the 'RDFWeb' project, and established a widely adopted model for publishing simple factual data via a networked of linked RDF documents. FOAF remains important to the growing Linked Data community, while also maintaining a concern for information that is not readily summarised as simple factual data. FOAF is an attempt to use the Web to integrate factual information with information in human-oriented documents (eg. videos, books, spreadsheets, 3d.
  2. Ontology for GPX data in RDF. Contribute to linkeddata/gpx-ontology development by creating an account on GitHub
  3. Ontology promises and limitations for System Engineering on top of Big Linked Data. Published on December 8, 2016 December 8, 2016 • 151 Likes • 26 Comment
  4. The trend is to use the word ontology for more complex, and possibly quite formal collection of terms, whereas vocabulary is used when such strict formalism is not necessarily used or only in a very loose sense. A Reuse-based Lightweight Method for Developing Linked Data Ontologies and Vocabularie

Ontology Notes from Armando Ontology files and related components created using TopBraid. The protocol file imports the study ontology. The instance file imports the protocol file. When ready to publish to SEND format it also imports the SEND ontology into a new file called: cj160500send.shapes.ttl. cj160500send.shapes.ttl has everything integrated and linked into one mega-graph, so that. start from mother earth and follow the Linked Data links. use the geonames search webservice with the type=rdf parameter option. download the database dump and construct the url for the features using the pattern http://sws.geonames.org/ geonameId / RDF dump with 11985741 features and about 182 mio rdf triples (2020 02 14) About Linked Data Tools; Downloads; Learn; Support; Tutorial 1: Introducing Graph Data: Next: Introducing RDF. The semantic web can seem unfamiliar and daunting territory at first. If you're eager to understand what the semantic web is and how it works, you must first understand how it stores data. We start from the ground up by outlining the graph database - the data storage model used by the.

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Social Tags and Linked Data for Ontology Development: A Case Study in the Financial Domain Ontology Engineering Group, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain Andrés García-Silva hgarcia@fi.upm.es Department of Computer Languages and Systems, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón de la Plana, Spain Leyla Jael García-Castro LinkingData I/O LLC, Fort Collins, 80524, CO, USA Alexander García. Ontology Integration for Linked Data Ontology Integration for Linked Data Zhao, Lihua; Ichise, Ryutaro 2014-05-25 00:00:00 The Linked Open Data cloud contains tremendous amounts of interlinked instances with abundant knowledge for retrieval. However, because the ontologies are large and heterogeneous, it is time-consuming to learn all the ontologies manually and it is difficult to learn the. PICO ontology. The PICO model is widely used and taught in evidence-based health care as a strategy for formulating questions and search strategies and for characterizing clinical studies or meta-analyses . PICO stands for four different potential components of a clinical question: P atient, Population or Problem smartcity.linkeddata.es On the Semantic Web, ontologies define the concepts and relationships used to describe a given domain and annotate data about it. In the READY4SmartCities FP7 CSA we are collecting ontologies about smart cities, energy and other related fields. Here you can find the list of ontologies we have identified so far ontology, vocabulary, reuse, linked data, ontology import . 1 Introduction . The Linked Data (LD) initiative enables the easy exposure, sharing, and connecting of data on the Web. Increasingly, datasets in different domains are being published ac-cording to the LD principles. 1. and semantically well-defined using ontologies . 2. When particular data is going to be exposed as Linked Data, one.

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Keywords: linked data, ontology learning, ontology integration 1 Introduction The Linking Open Data (LOD) cloud contains 203 data sets with over 26 billion RDF triples [3]. An RDF triple is in the subject-predicate-object form, where Uniform Resource Identi ers (URIs) are used to represent the subject or object [3]. Semantic web developers can query linked data with SPARQL, which is an RDF. FAST delivered as Linked Data in MARC21 and SKOS format The DBpedia ontology is the heart of DBpedia. Having started as a manually created ontology based on the most commonly used infoboxes within Wikipedia in 2008, it soon evolved into a successful crowd-sourcing effort resulting in a shallow cross-domain ontology. The DBpedia community is continuously contributing to the DBpedia ontology schema and the DBpedia infobox-to-ontology [ Ontology (PPO) to describe privacy preferences that can restrict access to information represented as Linked Data. Since Linked Data uses RDF as a representation format, this requires the privacy preferences to restrict access to particu-lar RDF data. In particular, the vocabulary should provid Ontobee is a web-based linked ontology data server that dereferences ontology terms and provides features including query, visualization and comparison of different ontologies and ontology terms. Prior to establishment of the Ontobee system in 2009, the majority of ontology term URIs pointed to the whole ontology files, or sometimes pointed to empty web pages. For example, the GO 'biological.

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Keywords: Data Quality Assessment, Assessment without Ontology, Linked Data, Pattern Generation, DBpedia 1 Introduction Linked data is an international endeavor to interconnect structured data on the Web. The development of Semantic Web technology has fuelled the creation of a large amount of Linked Data. There exists more than a thousand number of linked data, covering a wide range of di. Meet Vladimir Alexiev - the Ontotext's expert on ontology engineering and Linked Open Data in cultural heritage. Since 2010 I, Vladimir Alexiev, have been working at Ontotext, one of the spin-offs of the Sirma software group that five friends and I had set up back in 1992

Structuring a Linked Data Ontology for Intersectional Identities Susan Brown sbrown@uoguelph.ca University of Guelph, Canada Abigel Lemak alemak@uoguelph.ca University of Guelph, Canada define the contours of a digital humanities scholarship Colin Faulkner cfaulk01@mail.uoguelph.ca University of Guelph, Canada ference to narrative rather than structured data will Kim Martin author.email@domain. [gnd-ontology] Linked Data Service - Ende der Störung in Sicht Hentschke, Jana J.Hentschke at dnb.de Die Okt 13 15:23:41 CEST 2015. Vorherige Nachricht: [gnd-ontology] Performanceprobleme Nächste Nachricht: [gnd-ontology] Linked Data Service back at work Nachrichten sortiert nach: [ Betreff (Subject) Note Links indicate that a set of notes are connected and played together, e.g. played in the same bow in a string instrument. is equivalent to note link c and ( has note set op min 2 note set c

The blue social bookmark and publication sharing system [gnd-ontology] Linked Data Service back at work Hentschke, Jana J.Hentschke at dnb.de Mit Okt 14 12:20:50 CEST 2015. Vorherige Nachricht: [gnd-ontology] Linked Data Service - Ende der Störung in Sicht Nächste Nachricht: [gnd-ontology] GND-Umlenkungen im Linked Data Service (war: [datenformate] RDF - Fehlende Redirects, Falsche Subjects, Gelöschte Körperschaften

4. Linked Data Linked Data, in general, refers to data published in accordance with principles designed to facilitate linkages among datasets, element sets, and value vocabularies (Berners-Lee, 2006). It is about linking the Web of data in a way, so that both human being and machine can explore and make optimum us Ontology can be represented as Knowledge Organization and data modelling tool. Librarians are designated as Information Custodian or Knowledge Keepers. Implication and application of concepts in LIS can play big role in shaping knowledge-based services and mining and inferring them in better way in future. Ontology and semantic web is the future of LIS as speculated by several professionals and experts. This chapter would delineate a basic overview of Semantic Web, Ontology and. FactForge represents a reason-able view over several Linked Open Data (LOD) datasets including DBPedia, Freebase and Geonames. It enables users to easily identify resources in the LOD cloud by providing a general unified method for querying a group of datasets. FactForge is designed also as a use case for large-scale reasoning and data integration. We describe the datasets, ontologies, inference rules, and manipulations done over the data. The datasets are unified via a common ontology. The ontology data model can be applied to a set of individual facts to create a knowledge graph - a collection of entities, users with the necessary structure to link one piece of information to other pieces of information on the Web of Linked Data. Because they are used to specify common modeling representations of data from distributed and heterogeneous systems and databases.


Ontologies constructed using the Web Ontology Language (OWL) can be used to define the meaning of types and relations used in Linked Data. Although OWL formally differentiates classes, object properties (which relate two individuals), data properties (which have as value only literals) and individuals, the same cannot be said of all Bio2RDF datasets. In the case where a literal represents a label or a quantity, there is a need to transform it into an instance of a typ Social Tags and Linked Data for Ontology Development: A Case Study in the Financial Domain Ontology Engineering Group, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain Andrés García-Silva hgarcia@fi.upm.es Department of Computer Languages and Systems, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón de la Plana, Spain Leyla Jael García-Castro LinkingData I/O LLC, Fort Collins, 80524, CO, USA Alexander García alexgarciac@gmail.com Ontology Engineering Group, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain leylajael.

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The Linked Open Data community continuously releases massive amounts of RDF data that shall be used to eas-ily create applications that incorporate data from di erent sources. Inter-operability across di erent sources requires links at instance- and at schema-level, thus connecting en-tities on the one hand and relating concepts on the other hand. State-of-the-art entity- and ontology-alignment meth Linked Data Publishing and Ontology in Korea Libraries Mihwa Lee (Associate Professor, Kongju National University, South Korea) Yoonkyung Choi (Librarian, National Library of Korea, South Korea) References NIA.(2014).LinkedOpenData:Koreacase.Seoul:NIA. KERISHomePage.Retrieved,January15,2018,fromhttp://data.riss.kr/LODintro.do

OOPS! (OntOlogy Pitfall Scanner!) helps you to detect some of the most common pitfalls appearing when developing ontologies. To try it, enter a URI or paste an OWL document into the text field above. A list of pitfalls and the elements of your ontology where they appear will be displayed The ontology is available in Turtle syntax with inner comments. and many other URIs have been defined afterwards in the linked data cloud. Since 2010 lingvoj.org URIs mainly redirect to those of lexvo.org. More details below. History. 2010-05-10 : lingvoj.org meets Lexvo.org. Since the launch of lingvoj.org in 2007, the linked data cloud has grown at a steady pace, and a growing number of. of bibliographic, authority, and subject data, (3) ontology, (4) local ontology, and (5) linking external LODs. In particular, in the aspect of ontology, FOAF, SKOS, DC, and BIBO were used in common, and however, MODS, DCTERMS, BIBFRAME, PRISM, and Bibtex were also used in three LOD. Also, three LOD devised their own ontology - properties and classes - due to lack o

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The ludo ontology we propose in this paper has been designed (and is not limited to) to enable the modelization and further creation of Serious Games that use Linked Data datasets as a knowledge base to represent resources within the game. It also allows to model the player pro le and his context within the game, makin ontology, vocabulary, reuse, linked data, ontology import . 1 Introduction . The Linked Data (LD) initiative enables the easy exposure, sharing, and connecting of data on the Web. Increasingly, datasets in different domains are being published ac-cording to the LD principles. 1. and semantically well-defined using ontologies. 2. When particular data is going to be exposed as Linked Data, one of s the first task [ The Building Topology Ontology (BOT) is a minimal ontology for describing the core topological concepts of a building. The namespace for BOT terms is https://w3id.org/bot# The suggested prefix for the BOT namespace is bot. The Turtle version of the BOT ontology is available at http://www.w3id.org/bot/bot.ttl. General Informatio

ogy with linked data sets without learning all the ontology schema. The main procedures of our approach are linked data collection, ontology predicate group-ing, and ontology construction. Our approach can automatically extract the most related predicates between linked data sets to construct a Mid-Ontology The Protein Ontology (PRO) provides an ontological representation of protein-related entities, ranging from protein families to proteoforms to complexes. Protein Ontology Linked Open Data (LOD. MIDI Linked Data. MIDI Linked Data is About this last point, check out these for related efforts on making music notation interoperable through Linked Data: MusicXML ontology and Charlie Parker's Confirmation; Online MIDI to RDF conversion and linkage to the cloud. If you want to convert your MIDIs to Linked Data, and optionally integrate them to the growing MIDI Linked Data cloud, you don. Combining Linked Data and knowledge engineering best practices to design a lightweight role ontology Issue title: Is there Beauty Keywords: Ontology engineering, roles, Linked Data, OWL-DL, SKOS, design patterns. DOI: 10.3233/AO-2011-0094. Journal: Applied Ontology, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 223-246, 2011. Published: 2011. Price: EUR 27.50 . Add to cart. Log in or register to view or purchase.

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Based on a precise and detailed interpretation of the linked data principles in the context of ontologies (to become as reusable as possible), the authors propose a set of algorithms to assess ontologies according to the four linked data principles along with means to implement them using a Java/Jena framework. All ontology elements are extracted and examined taking into account particular. In this case study we used Karma to convert records of 44,000 of the museum's holdings to Linked Open Data according to the Europeana Data Model (EDM). The records are stored in several tables in a SQL Server database. Using Karma we modeled these tables in terms of the EDM ontology and converted the data into RDF. We are creating a 5-star Linked Data, linked to DBpedia, the Getty Union List of Artist Names (ULAN)® and the NY Times Linked Data. The US The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. This includes data values and the controlled vocabularies that house them. Datasets available include LCSH, BIBFRAME, LC Name Authorities, LC Classification, MARC codes, PREMIS vocabularies, ISO language codes, and more Linked Data is now recognized as one of the prominent ways for publishing data on the web. Even though Linked Data Technology is the results of the long-term development in Semantic Web Community, it is not easy to deploy it to the real problems and often needs to develop it to adapt them For most types of data storage, there is the concept of some elements of data (whether they be for example data nodes or data tables) having more precedence, or importance, over other elements. For example, take an XML document. An XML document typically contains nodes of information each with a parent node. At the root of the document is the highest level node, which has no parent

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Towards Linked Data and ontology development for the semantic enrichment of volunteered geo-information. / Lemmens, R.L.G. ; Falquet, Gilles; Métral, Claudine. Proceedings of: Link-VGI: LINKing and analyzing Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) across different platforms, workshop at the AGILE 2016 Conference. 2016 Ontology Alignment for Linked Open Data . By Prateek Jain, Pascal Hitzler, Amit Sheth, Kunal Verma and Peter Yeh. Get PDF (3 MB) Abstract. The Web of Data currently coming into existence through the Linked Open Data (LOD) effort is a major milestone in realizing the Semantic Web vision. However, the development of applications based on LOD faces difficulties due to the fact that the different. The Cochrane Linked Data Vocabulary. The Cochrane linked data vocabulary consists of approximately 400k linked data terms that Cochrane uses to describe the domain of evidence based health care. We use our linked data to construct clinical questions using the PICO Graph Ontology Enabling Keyword Search on Linked Data Repositories: An Ontology-Based Approach Carlos Bobed∗ Guillermo Esteban Eduardo Mena IIS Department University of Zaragoza 50018 Zaragoza, Spain {cbobed, 529679, emena}@unizar.es Abstract The Web is experiencing a continuous change that is leading to the realization of the Semantic Web. Initiatives such as Linked Data have made a huge amount of.

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